Week 2 watercolor class

The teacher gave us some Eureka lemons from her own backyard tree and taught us how to set up our palettes. She had us make a basic 8-color paint selection, some of which were mixed colors. I tried seeing what it would be like in a dark and lighter wash-type color. Then we started progressively adding complexity to 4 lemon sketches. My lemons look like squashes because my lemon model was under-ripe, lumpy, and on a brown table. Why the teacher made us do this on sketch paper instead of watercolor paper is beyond me.

colors and lemons

I’m sorry to have to post a picture from my phone, the paper is too buckled to get a good scan. The risk of cracking the glass plate after putting on a weight to press it flat is too much for me. Besides, the lemons look like squashes!


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