Week 4 watercolor class

Training wheels are coming off! Let’s do some landscaping!

My teacher really likes to garden and is always interested in the gardening tales of us students. She had us all bring pictures of our gardens. I brought several because I take pictures of my plants all the time. However, I’m not ready for the big, complex images, and I ended up choosing my simplest viewpoint:

real iris


Just a bricked box of rose bushes and blooming Dutch iris next to my fence’s gate in the front yard. You can see my driveway, my house’s corner, and my neighbors fence. Nice lines, easy subjects, and clear colors. Here is the painting, including a close-up:

flowerbox     closeflower

This painting is NOT finished. I have to leave class 30 minutes early to go pick up my kids from preschool on-time. If I had another 30 minutes, I probably could have fixed up the brick lines, detailed the cement, added gravel, and more weeds. Maybe I’ll have time to add more, maybe I won’t. Again, wash before dark-colored details. I honestly thought that the green house stripe was dry enough, but no, dark colors cannot be trusted.

One thing I have noticed though. My teacher keeps pushing me to add realistic detail. Just me, not the other beginner students. Every class she starts with showing us other artist’s work on the same subject as the lesson. Usually it’s French Impressionists to show us that it doesn’t have to be exact or detailed or perfect. Yet, only when she walks by me, does the teacher suggests ways to add more realism. My hypothesis is this: she thinks I’m ready for and capable of it. A good thing.

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