Week 3 watercolor class

This week, my teacher wanted us to focus on an individual trees before doing landscapes. Here was my model tree’s source image, unfortunately, I do not know where my teacher got this from, so apologies to the original artist:



Then with the help of masking fluid and some china white, I have a flowering Prunus tree (theoretical). Unfortunately, the teacher forgot to have us wash with green before doing the tree. I didn’t know the folly of this wa until my brown trunk paint started to streak and run. No matter how much I thought it was dry or how many minutes with a hairdryer, it still caused me problems. WASH FIRST!!! Lesson learned. The grass at the bottom was my teacher’s idea.


As a first try, I like it! I was especially pleased with how the wood detailing came out, until I tried to wash with green and ruined some of it.  

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